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August 1-3,2009  
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This is the third OPEN {AIR} ANAHATA, following the magical time we spent at Petroglyphs in August 2007 and July 2008 It is an event that creates a loving, open-hearted atmoshpere, where we can create some harmony within, projecting it into the world around us. Workshops on Yoga, mediation and dancing are run throughout the weekend. In the cradle of nature we relax and let go of routine, swimming in the "fountain of life" - a natural jacuzzi, created by fresh water streaming down the ancient rocks. The evening is accompanied by wonderful music, played by our talented DJ's - letting us unwind and resease the body into the stream of wild rythms.


Last year's Anahata was a great success and brough us many lasting positive impressions. We have all shared something magical and special that weekend, and now it's time to re-unite and create something even more powerful.


The site for Anahata is the same as last year: Petroglyphs! The place is charged with positive vibrations, and long time ago natives used to come here, maybe for similar purposes.

The site is accessible by foot (approx. 30min - 1 hr) or by canoe. Information about canoe rentals is posted here.


More workshops and events will be taking place this year, including yoga classes, meditation and dancing workshops. There are many skilled and talented ones among us and everyone is very welcome to contribute and share some of your knowledge. Please call or write me if you're willing to take active part.

We wil start on Friday, reconnecting with nature and setting up the "stage" for the event. Saturday will be the full blast ANAHATA, and on Sunday we'll have some more workshops/classes, chill, swim some more and wrap up by dawn.

As always, bathing suits are optional, but don't forget your sunscreen and inflatable water toys.

IMPORTANT: parking space is very limited at the site, so it is highly suggested to come as early as humanly possible. If you come on Friday night at dark, there will be a gude avavilable to take you to the site. Come with the sun on Saturday, carpool... you'll have better rest here, under the shade of trees in the fresh air, not having to worry about your car being towed from the ramp.



Conveniently located on the way in Peterborough and well-priced.


From preceeding Anahata at Petroglyphs

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