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August 1-3,2009  
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(Here's what NOT to bring: GLASS and litter. Also please do not throw sugarette butts on the groud)

Preapre for a fun weekend outdoors; That means:

Camping gear - please note, that there is a 1 - 1.5 hour hike to the site, so pack accordingly. If you decide to take a canoe route, there will be one short portage on your way.

Rain gear

Bug repellent

Sun screen

Hydration system, especially water bottle. Same as last year, drinking water will be collected from lake and purified in a big jug, but it's good to have some of your own too. Please remember that whatever plastic containers you will bring, you will need to take back home, so take it easy with plastic bottles.

Eating utenslis and cup.

Personal toiletteries. Please try to get biodgradable soap and toothpaste, and do not use them directly in the lake, pour soapy water into the ground. There will be camping latrine on site. A good thing to have is a pack of paper napkins in the pocket.

Fun stuff: costumes, decorations, toys - go nuts! (for more ideas chck the Inspiration page) or see last year's pictures.




Conveniently located on the way in Peterborough and well-priced.


From last year's Anahata at Petroglyphs

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